When you think of promotional apparel, what comes to mind? A T-Shirt with a design screen printed on the front? A polo shirt with a logo embroidered on the left chest? What about a jacket with a small logo or message digitally applied on the sleeve? The possibilities are limitless when it comes to customizing Bags, Caps and clothing for your brand. In fact, there are so many choices that the decision can be overwhelming. At Uniformers, we offer services like:


Decoration of product using colored stitches to form
an image or logo.

• Suitable for apparel, bags, towels
• Wide range of colors delivering sharp results
• Professional and sophisticated finished product
• Durable with a long life


 Screen Printing

Image printed directly to product through woven mesh screen one color at a time.

• Ideal for clothing
• Great for large format printing
• Cost effective for large quantities
• Excellent for Pantone color matching capabilities

 Dye Sublimation

Image is transferred or dyed into fabric using heat.

• Produces photographic images and continuos tones
• Full coverage print (including seams) on garments
• Great for sports and club attire


 Heat Transfer

Image digitally printed to transfer vinyl pu and applied to product via heat and pressure.

• Suitable for promotions or short term use
• Durable for up to 40 washes or so
• Digital heat transfer is great for full color small quantities or   one of items

 Contour Cutting

Vinyl stickers can be cut to any shape required.

• Custom shape stickers and transfers
• Quick and simple setup with no costly die forms
• Minimal size or shape restrictions


 Pad Printing

Image is directly printed onto product via silicone pad.

• Great for transferring 2D graphics onto 3D items
• Able to produce images onto curved or cylindrical items

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